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Taxes can be stressful. It is found that several people, are in either of two situations. First, due to lack of information about tax laws, they pay much more taxes and they want to play safe; they do not want to take chances and follow the rule “report when in doubt”. Secondly, they pay much less taxes, as they are not aware of rules, and thus become ignorantly non-compliant with IRS. The second position is even more dangerous as this can be opened any time by the IRS, and it is also leads to a criminal offence. This usually happens when one feels the taxes are easy, and can be done using do-yourself softwares available in market. It is like one trying to fix a car with a user manual. (Enrolled agents Vienna, VA). Fortunately both situations are avoidable (Tax Guru).

If you have not been audited till now, you can’t be careless while filing your taxes. IRS audits once, and if there is an issue, they can open past returns, and also your name is tagged as a potential tax evader for future years. It is worth being careful all the time.

Consult a tax expert, a tax guru, for your tax needs. Preferably, choose one that keeps updated with tax rules, and knows how to apply the deductions. Make sure your taxes are ‘audit proof’.

Let there be someone knowledgeable between you and the IRS. Choose one that keeps updated with tax rules, and knows how to apply the deductions. Make sure your taxes are ‘audit proof’. Taxes is no rocket science, and an average person can understand. The tax consultant can explain each entry on your tax return, and also show each and every deduction on the return that you are applying for. Remember, having a tax consultant also insulates you to some extent from IRS, and it now falls on the tax preparer to file the taxes properly. The best tax preparer is one who gives you the maximum deductions while maintaining compliance with the IRS.

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Have foreign Income? Make sure you do not pay taxes twice i.e. abroad as well as in the USA.

Most countries have a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with the USA. To ensure that you do not pay income taxes twice make sure you take credit for taxes paid abroad. We can help you with this situation.