We can help you with your Individual Taxes (1040) with all schedules. If you own a house, or have a property rented out, we can help to make and file your taxes for any state in USA. If you visited USA, and won some money in a chess tournament, and got a 1042S, we can help you to get your refund. Located in Vienna, Virginia, we can file taxes for all states in USA. We have clients from all over the world.

We can help you with foreign account reporting. Remember, not filing FINCEN 114 or FATCA when applicable are criminal offences, and if one is audited for these, shall need help of an attorney to get over the situation; and the penalties are very heavy. Do not hesitate to invest abroad, but we help you to make sure that file all the foreign income properly, and take deductions on any taxes paid abroad, so that double taxation is avoided. Remember almost all countries have DTAA (Double taxation Avoidance Agreement) with the US, and we can help you optimizing the returns with full compliance.

If you get a letter from the IRS, we can represent you before the IRS. You can count on us, to put you in control of your tax situation. With increased automation, IRS sends information letters (usually called CP 2000 notices). Though it is easy to resolve these situations, it is best to avoid these letters, and an experts help is always handy.

Remember, it is always good to take your car to a good car mechanic if you are not sure you can do it yourself. It will save you money and trouble in the long run.

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Arun Lal
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